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Copies of Wills 4-7 business day dispatch. Confidential service to get/obtain a copy of a Probated Will for any reason including legal purposes, curiosity or ancestry research you may order an official duplicate Will confidentialy & swiftly through our online service or by post
THIS IS A CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE and no outside party is notified of your interest

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(*If no entry found for a recent death a six month extension is available at no extra cost)

Wills/Probate records available from 1858-2017
Search Results / Documents dispatch within 4-7 business days**

All probate searches are confidential with details ONLY provided to the probate researchers. We do not notify solicitors, executors or family members of your request

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One price for any Probated Will Search: £19.00

If the death was recent (within the last 6 months) Probate may not yet have been granted or applied for, therefore in these instances we will contact you to ask if you require the search to be extended for a further six month period. There is no extra cost for this service. If the Grant of Representation is issued within this period, you will receive a copy of the grant, and (if any), a copy of the Will of the deceased (Explanations of Grants & Probate are on our next page). For this extended service the exact date of death, full name and address of the deceased is required.
Under no circumstances do we notify any solicitors, executors or family members of your search request. This is a confidential service

When researching your Family History, copies of Wills may provide important information to aid with your research. Details of bequeaths made to family members and/or friends of the deceased may open further avenues of investigation, together with the details of Executors and Trustees given at the time the Will was made. As a Will (if made) only becomes a public document once Probate has been granted please note that we are only able to supply copies of Probated Wills.

If you do not know the exact date of death we will undertake a four year inclusive search, as per your supplied information, from the year provided. Please be aware that Probate searches for popular names, (eg/John Smith), are extremely difficult to trace without the exact date of death, last known address and full name (including middle names) of the deceased. This information is only viewable on the actual death certificate which may also be ordered via our website.

If the search conducted on your behalf is successful, you will receive a copy of the Probated Will/Wills and Grant/or Letters of Administration which will be dispatched within 4-7 business days** (**commencing the next business day following the date of your order).

If there is no trace of an issued grant as per your supplied information you will receive an explanatory email within 2-5 business days** (**commencing the next business day following the date of your order) and a refund of the postage amount you paid in advance on your application

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