Fall is about to come. As soon as it arrives, it already means that now is the perfect time to do all your lawn activities and maintenance for this year and you need to begin getting ready for the following season. Having your landscape maintained and prepared now indicates placing your lawn up for a great spring next year. One of the best things you can do to prep your lawn while the days get cooler is to have your yard cleaned up by the experts. Here are some of the tasks that should be done during your fall cleaning project: 

Removal of debris 

It is important to eliminate leaves and extra debris from your yard due to 2 reasons. It will make your lawn appear so much better while the leaves keep on falling. Removing debris can prevent your grass from being crushed and weighed down as it keeps the development of diseases and fungi to spread all over your yard, which can risk your grass. 

Aeration of lawn 

If you are worried about the temperature’s drastic fall, which results in bare spots and brown patches in your landscaping Birmingham, the solution that you’re searching for to combat that would be aeration. With the utilization of equipment called an aerator, you will get rid of ½ inch plugs of soil and turf from your yard. This enables the few inches of your topsoil to breathe easier. Aside from that, it’ll provide nutrients and water to easily get into your soil. 

At least once every year, aeration must be done to allow the nutrients and oxygen to circulate properly to your grass’ roots. This promotes the development of root before the cold season arrives. It also helps insufficiently loosening the soil to boost development. 

Final trim and cut 

The season’s final cuts are vital to prepare your grass for the upcoming season—spring. It promotes development, even by the chilly winter, and it aids in clearing away any remaining debris that is missed by rakes or leaf blowers. 


If you want to trim back bushes and trees to make them always healthy and safeguard your property during the winter, fall is the best time to do so. This is because the shock of cuts are less likely traumatic to the plants while they prepare to stay dormant in the upcoming winter. Moreover, trimming branches back can stop them from becoming overwhelmed with snow this winter. 

Prepare for spring and get rid of summer annuals 

Now is the best time to get rid of your summer-blooming annual, especially if you haven’t tried doing so.  If you happen to be a green thumb kind of person, you may also consider which type of bulbs you will be planting this incoming spring. Your home will certainly have a little additional attention if your property is the only one within your place to have an idea of sprouting spring flower as soon as the winter commences.